Solar batteries offer control over your energy consumption and allow you to store your solar energy for when you need it most.

Why do you need a Battery?

Firstly, a solar battery stores the energy generated during sunlight hours and makes it readily available for use during the night or on cloudy days. By making use of photovoltaics, you can run your home on 100% renewable solar energy.


In addition, Solar battery backup power can lower your energy costs significantly. By charging the solar battery during off-peak hours and discharging it during peak hours, you can avoid paying for electricity. The savings from this can serve towards reducing your battery system costs.

What’s more, you can sometimes earn money by selling the energy stored in your solar battery back to the electrical grid when electricity prices are at their highest.

By adding a battery to your solar system, you can choose to be independent from the national grid, thereby ensuring energy security for your household.

When to install
a Battery?

A Solar battery storage system is best used in combination with a Solar PV array. Lucky, if you already have an existing array, it is a simple task to add a solar battery into the mix. And if you have neither, the two systems can be bought in tandem to make your home run entirely on renewable energy.

The two technologies complement each other to bring down your storage system costs by making your solar panel array vastly more efficient. If you have been considering going green, there is no better time to start taking advantage of the money you can save on your monthly electricity bill.

How much?

Installing a Battery at the same time you install Solar Panels is the most cost-effective solution. Mainly because you will save some VAT payable on the overall spend, and having the team onsite already completing work will allow us to pass on the savings.

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