Indra Smart LUX™

The Art of Smart – At just under 80mm deep, Smart LUX™ is the slimmest charger on the market, which means it won’t get

Product price before installation

From £795.00*

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  • Schedule off-peak charging sessions to enable you to save money* and reduce carbon usage.
  • Boost function for instant charging.
  • Software that can be easily updated over-the-air, allowing quick and simple access to new features.
  • 5-year product warranty for peace of mind.
  • Available as a untethered unit (without a cable), or tethered unit (cable integrated into the charger).
  • Compliant with the latest Smart Charging Regulations.


The Art of Smart – At just under 80mm deep, Smart LUX™ is the slimmest charger on the market, which means it won’t get in the way even in the narrowest of parking spaces and driveways. Inspired by our Worcestershire heritage, the Smart LUX™ is available in a range of four stylish colours – Indra White; Symphony Black; Malvern Stone and Elgar Grey. Choose the charger that’s right for your home. The Indra Smart LUX™ features a unique lighting feature designed to make your charger friendly and easy to use. These change colour depending on your charging status, so you can easily see what’s happening without needing to open the app. As tough as they come – And just like all Indra chargers, Smart LUX™ offers unrivalled durability, so you won’t need to worry about rain and dust damaging the system. We’ve built it to last, which is why it comes with a reassuring 5-year warranty – the best on the market. The Indra Smart LUX™ is tethered, which means the charging lead is built-in to the unit for maximum convenience. Just choose the length of lead you need, 6m or 10m. Lowest cost charging – The Smart LUX™ is compatible with all kinds of electricity tariffs, including the latest innovative ‘type of use’ tariffs, which are currently the cheapest option for EV charging. And if you have solar panels at home, Smart LUX™’s clever solar mode helps you use the power of the sun to charge your EV for free. The charger’s patented PESTs™ technology improves your charging uptime and keeps you charging when other brands won’t. There’s no faster charger available. Hassle-free installation – We’ve taken out all of the legwork too. Installation couldn’t be easier, with our network of approved installers. Once it’s installed, use our brilliant app to manage everything, including setting up regular charging schedules, monitoring your usage or even starting a boost charge from your phone.