EO Mini Pro 3

A charging experience, made simple. Pulsar Plus comes with an integrated charging cable, Wi-Fi connectivity, and scheduled charging.

Product price before installation

From £875.00*

Including VAT

  • Dimensions – It’s small: 215mm x 140mm x 100mm

  • Plug Types – Available with a Universal socket or 5m Tethered cable (model dependent)

  • Connectivity – Wi-fi, Bluetooth & Cat 5 Ethernet as standard. 4G cellular as optional extra

  • Durable – Ready for any weather, IP54 certified and operates in -25°C temperatures

  • Built-in PME – No need for earth rods with built in open PEN conductor protection

  • OCPP-compliant – Future-proof with OCPP. 1.6J as standard and additional security extensions

  • RFID – Mini Pro 3 is RFID ready. Simply add as an extra to restrict charging session access to friends or family


EO Charging have redesigned their market leading Mini Pro model with the release of the new EO Mini Pro 3. Retaining the award for the smallest un-tethered charge point on the market but in a new sleek design. Available as standard in black with colour options to follow. This latest version is now available with RFID reader and integrates PME detection which simplifies installation.