Electric Vehicle Charging at home is often the most convenient and cost-effective way to recharge.

We’re passionate about helping you deliver greener driving.

Whether you’re an architect or developer, business owner or homeowner, we can help you meet environmental targets, find the most cost-effective solutions, and sometimes even generate a second income stream.

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At home.

All electric cars have a 3-pin plug as standard, however installing a dedicated charging point will give you faster charging speeds and built-in safety features.

Most home installations are 7kw speed chargers, which equates to 30 miles of charge per hour. This is three times faster than a standard 3-pin connection.

Chargers either have a Type 2 charging cable attached (tethered), or Type 2 socket to accommodate your charging cable that was supplied with your car (untethered).

Recent Installations

At work.

With over 495,000 plug-in vehicles registered in the UK, and more than 175,000 being registered last year alone, it’s likely that your team will need to charge their vehicles onsite.

The Workplace Charging Scheme (WCS) allows your business to claim a grant of up to £350 per charging socket installation. These must be dedicated off-street parking for staff only; up to a maximum of 40 sockets in total.

A key consideration is the grant can only be used on the first round of installations. So, charging points your business adds afterwards will not qualify.

EV Charging FAQs

The UK government has been applying pressure to businesses for many years to reduce their carbon footprint and look for greener solutions. They are being strongly advised to bring forward environmental targets, especially those concerned with petrol and diesel vehicles, and businesses will be required to react to future changes and policies. 
Providing electric vehicle charging points in the workplace is an environmentally sound decision that will satisfy these requirements and prepare a business for the expansion of the electric vehicle market. Installing EV charge points will put businesses ahead of any pressurised transition period and in front of the curve of demand. 

Businesses have an increasing responsibility to provide access to EV charging points to their employees and clients. The EV market is constantly evolving and businesses that are investing in installing charging points are fulfilling their responsibility. Businesses that have electric vehicle charging points are providing better amenities and fit-for-purpose commercial premises. 
EV drivers will need to, and expect to, charge their vehicles at their workplace. Employees want employers that offer benefits that make their lives easier. As the number of EV users accelerates, the presence or lack of electric vehicle infrastructure will make a big difference when attracting talent and keeping current staff engaged, happy and committed. 

By cutting emissions, businesses can cut costs. Businesses stand to make positive financial gains from investing in electric vehicle charge points that keep their company and staff vehicles powered up. Electric vehicles are the environmentally friendly choice and ‘green’ choices are rewarded. 

The incentives offered for electric vehicles can earn business owners with electric fleets and vehicles exemptions from fuel duty, road tax, company car (BIK) tax and van and car benefit charge. The government grants, tax breaks and savings are accessible for businesses all across the nation seeking to make a fantastic return on their investment. 

EV charging stations are simple and easy to manage. Businesses can take control of payments and offer unique incentives and perks to their staff. EV chargers have user identification and access controls available so that you can decide who uses your charging points and at what tariff. Businesses can choose when and where they charge but can stay in control of all costs with intelligent online platforms that support billing and tracking. 

Investing in EV charging points and EV infrastructure helps to make your business sustainable. The transition to electric vehicles will support a sustainable future for all and electric vehicle charge points will make your business part of the movement that is growing rapidly. Being sustainable improves your efficiency and boosts your reputation, providing you with a platform to achieve better growth and have an edge on the market. 
Installing EV charging points at your business guarantees that you’re prepared for the future and are ready to meet the demands of your employees and the increasing number of electric vehicles on the road. 


We’re always on hand to ensure that your electric vehicle charging experience runs smoothly from start to finish. From arranging your survey to planning your installation and settling up your EV charger, we are here for you.

OZEV approved installer

The Office for Zero Emission Vehicles (OZEV) will contribute to the costs of your car charging point and its installation in a scheme aimed at encouraging early adoption of EVs.

The Workplace Charging Scheme (WCS) is a voucher-based scheme that provides eligible applicants with support towards the upfront costs of the purchase and installation of electric vehicle (EV) chargepoints.

The EV infrastructure grant for staff and fleets is for small-to-medium-sized businesses in the UK.

The grant covers up to 75% of the cost of installing the infrastructure needed for chargepoints to operate and for future chargepoints to be installed, as well as the cost of any chargepoints installed. There is a limit of £15,000 per grant.

You can get up to:

  • £350 per chargepoint socket installed
  • £500 per parking space enabled with supporting infrastructure

You can use an infrastructure grant and a chargepoint grant on the same property.

As your installer, Insight Energy will claim and manage the grant(s) application on your behalf.

Ending April 2025.